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Are You On The Road To Sales Success?


The Road To Sales Success

Jim Tiller, an early mentor said, "Change Permits The Opportunity for Growth."

My belief is a commitment to growth requires four key ingredients:

* An outside-in sales marketing strategy focused on customers first.

* A thriving sales organization that can navigate changing product values and reinforce customer relationships.

* A quality product filling a differentiated need providing a positive experience.

* The monetization of effort to serve all stakeholders in the process.

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The Intersection of Sales and Management


Your Road To Sales Success

To create a thriving sales organization, managers have to be open to new ideas and strategies, continue to re-examine how they deliver value to customers, and retain motivated talent on their teams.

We offer a seasoned perspective from decades of experience in radio and advertising. Our "Sales Success Library" provides dozens of articles with ideas to help you build upon your own sales strategies. 

Attend our free virtual sales events each quarter on Clubhouse to hear from your peers and leaders in sales and station management. See details in our sales event section of the library.

Book an online session with me, and let’s take the first step with an initial project discovery call. This virtual meeting is without obligation and cost.

Yield and Revenue Management

Radio was declared dead several times in the last 100 years, yet it is resilient and in the middle of an audio renaissance. Thirty years ago, yield management practices were introduced to Radio and TV sales.

As demand returns post-pandemic, It's time to take a fresh look at your yield and revenue management best practices. The balance between price and value remains a critical intersection of sales success and customer acquisition. 

Leverage our specialized expertise in yield management and schedule a complimentary pricing and inventory management presentation to help you increase your stations' revenue.

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"A good reputation is more valuable than money."

Publilius Syrus

Roman - Writer 85 BC - 43 BC


Dan Bennett / RVP Cumulus Media - Dallas / Houston

“I cannot begin to thank Alec Drake enough for his huge contributions over the last 15 years to our organization”. “He has been an incredible leader – especially through the COVID pandemic. Keeping Cumulus Dallas as the company’s top revenue market has always been our goal, and Alec pushed the limits every day to ensure we kept that position. Thank you, Alec, from our entire team.”

August 17th, 2021 - Inside Radio

2016-2018 Radio Ink

Radio Wayne Awards Finalist

 “The talent and dedication represented by these Radio Wayne finalists are qualities in which the radio industry can take great pride. Every one of them demonstrates professional excellence and deserves our admiration and respect for making radio an important product mover that touches the lives and livelihoods of communities and businesses across the country,” said Deborah Parenti, Publisher of Radio Ink

Jim Tiller, Co-Founder Maxagrid Internatinonal Inc.

“Alec has always been a tremendous asset to our business. From the early days of 1987 as a Maxagrid client, joining the company in 1995 as our VP of Sales and subsequently, overseeing operations as our General Manager, we have shared many successes working with Radio and TV clients around the world.” May 2003 

Maxagrid Internatinonal Inc. -  Broadcast yield and revenue management consultants for over 20 years

Monthly Radio Ink Articles


Visit our Radio Ink section in the Sales Success Library to read published articles.

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