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My Journey

"Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of coaching sales teams, working with businesses on their marketing strategies, and collaborating on revenue-driven programs with stations worldwide. My forty years in radio management and consulting roles provided rich experiences that taught me the importance of a shared vision for a team and the benefit of continuous improvement, known as Kaizen.

I retired in September of 2021 and began writing for Radio Ink to continue offering sales support through dozens of articles, and co-hosting podcasts. In 2023 I added a content project, "The Sales Trip", that offered the LinkedIn community curated sales ideas, along with a monthly newsletter.

Today, having stepped away from creating sales content, my focus is to reengage with a creative passion for digital art that started in 1999. A change in the digital art process reached a tipping point with introduction of creative generation using A.I. My choice is to retain personal artistic rights over my creative process. A combination of digital photography, using Paint Shop Pro 7 and a Wacom tablet give me plenty of room for my original work to flourish.

You are invited to browse my digital gallery and I hope you are entertained and lifted by what you see and read.

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My Digital Art Gallery
Welcome to my digital artwork collection dating back to 1999 when I first explored the creative options of art expression on a computer. My images originate creatively using my own perspective and insights.