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Sales Improvement and Revenue Management Strategies

"As President of Drake Media Group, my core mission is to support sales organizations by sharing content in my Sales Success Library, VIP Edition newsletter, and The Radio Invigoration Project." Alec Drake

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The Sales Improvement Mission

The "Sales Success Library" is a collection of perspectives to stimulate positive change while it promotes beneficial sales strategies. You can browse dozens of articles and listen to front-line managers and sellers on special event podcasts. The library includes my columns and Radio Ink monthly magazine articles. 

The "VIP Edition" If you are a new visitor, you can sign up for my free monthly newsletter. Your subscription includes exclusive sales development and improvement insights, revenue management strategies, and special features from the Sales Success Library.

The Radio Invigoration Project

This new Drake Media Group project is designed to expand distribution and focus on sales success stories, self-improvement topics, inspirational messaging, and curated content to benefit radio sellers. 

By definition, to invigorate is to fill with energy, vitality, and refreshment. Everyone is re-energized by sharing stories of success and support offered when struggling in sales. Starting at a grassroots level and giving a voice to local sales across all markets is the idea behind T.R.I.P. 

Why Revenue Management?

Revenue management is the collaboration of all sales and marketing entities working towards customer development and top-line growth. A thriving sales organization requires everyone to be open to new strategies, re-examine how they deliver value to customers, and be determined to grow revenues. Sellers and managers on a shared path of self-improvement based on sound sales strategies lead to better chances for success. Yield Management embedded in the revenue management approach is the inventory and pricing mechanism to generate optimal revenue results.

A Yield Management Crossroad

It's Time to Take a Fresh Look - The balance between price and value remains a critical intersection of sales success and customer acquisition. 

My expertise in yield management comes from 35 years of experience using specific strategies to improve revenues. Whatever pricing tools you use are only as effective as their utility in daily sales. Listen to my appearance on the BSM Network "Seller to Seller" podcast for an example of my approach to yield management.

Get my complimentary presentation "Five Keys To Successful Yield Management In Radio Sales" with this link

This PDF includes critical elements to consider in your yield management strategies and one particular slide to prompt your internal yield management review. The review questions will help identify areas for improvement in revenue growth, possible training gaps, and strategic steps you can implement with your sales teams.

Need More Help?

A seasoned sales and operational perspective balanced with practical advice are available. No one has all the answers, and asking for feedback is an essential first step toward progress. When we come together and share sales and management challenges, an outside perspective could trigger a solution for tomorrow. No cost and no obligation; send an email to 

Business People Applauding

"A good reputation is more valuable than money."

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Cumulus Media - Dallas

“I cannot begin to thank Alec Drake enough for his huge contributions to our organization over the last 15 years. He has been an incredible leader – especially through the COVID pandemic. Keeping Cumulus Dallas as the company’s top revenue market has always been our goal, and Alec pushed the limits every day to ensure we kept that position. Thank you, Alec, from our entire team.”

Dan Bennett, Regional Vice President for Cumulus Media in Dallas and Houston as reported in "Inside Radio" on August 17th, 2021 

A Radio Wayne Awards Finalist in Radio Ink Magazine

“The talent and dedication represented by these Radio Wayne finalists are qualities in which the radio industry can take great pride. Every one of them demonstrates professional excellence and deserves our admiration and respect for making radio an important product mover that touches the lives and livelihoods of communities and businesses across the country,”

Deborah Parenti, Publisher of Radio Ink

Alec Drake was recognized in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Maxagrid International Inc.

“Alec was always a tremendous asset to our business. From early 1987 as a Maxagrid client, joining us in 1995 as our VP of Sales and subsequently overseeing operations as our General Manager until 2002, we shared many successes for our Radio and TV clients worldwide.”

Jim Tiller was a Co-Founder and President of Maxagrid International Inc., a broadcast yield and revenue management consulting company from 1986-2006

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At Drake Media Group, we’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas. We promote and believe in "Kaizen" or constant improvement. There is always room for incremental steps to add value for our subscribers and site visitors.

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