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Alec Drake - My Mission and Purpose

As President of Drake Media Group, my core mission is to support sales organizations by sharing content in my "Sales Success Library", VIP Edition newsletter, and The Radio Invigoration Project at no cost.

My background in coaching and developing sales teams, working with business owners on marketing strategies, and collaborating on revenue-driven promotional programs, confirmed the importance of a shared vision and value for all stakeholders leading to success. In addition, "Kaizen," known as continuous improvement, is a hallmark of my approach to the need for change to drive growth. 

A seasoned sales and operational perspective balanced with practical advice are available. No one has all the answers, and asking for feedback is an essential first step toward progress. When we come together and share sales and management challenges, an outside perspective could trigger a solution for tomorrow.

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All requests for information are confidential and follow our privacy policy.

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