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Alec Drake - On A New Mission

Today, as President of Drake Media Group, a content creation, and sales consulting company, Alec is on a mission to share a unique perspective on best practices to enhance performance goals.  

At Drake Media Group we offer consulting services for media companies and sales organizations that appreciate a seasoned sales and operational perspective balanced with practical advice to promote revenue growth. Our range of expertise includes sales operations, team and individual coaching, yield and revenue management, event sponsorship, and sales marketing.

Alec Drake stated, “To take my decades of experience with media properties and support sales organizations by sharing valued content continues to be a core mission. Coaching sales teams and managers in their professional development, working with business owners on their marketing strategies, and collaborating with non-profits on promotional fundraising, taught me the importance of a shared vision and value for all stakeholders.

Today, a management structure stretched thin with daily obligations can stifle innovation, growth, and positive change for sales. Alec Drake went on to say, “I am energized in my mission by the ongoing revenue potential inside radio stations and the opportunity to work directly with owners, managers, and sellers. Any forward momentum for a goal is only achieved with a collaborative partnership focused on clearly defined plans, inclusive implementation, and positive reinforcement of best practices.”

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