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Podcast: How To Get Higher $ In A Crowded Market! 4/14/2022

Updated: Jan 19

On April 14th, Loyd Ford from Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works and Alec Drake, President of Drake Media Group hosted top radio executives, David Doetsch and Brian Maloney, on the roundtable. You will hear how to move your sales higher in Q2-3 and conduct a Spring reset of your sales strategies for the rest of 2022.


Topics on the podcast:

1. Leverage 7 Demand Factors

2. Get More Than Your Share of Political Dollars in 2022

3. Fill your Summer Months With NTR.

4. Build a Stronger Local Business Base to Counter Rating Swings.

5. Activate the 5 C's of Sales

Here is the podcast LINK to the Q1Lift Off: Planning Your Bigger Revenue Year!

Hosts: Loyd Ford from Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works and Alec Drake hosted this first QUARTERLY SALES EVENT on January 13th, 2022. Produced by The Encouragers, they pushed out practical advice to gear up your sales in 2022. Chuck Wood and Scott Howard's insights came together for a robust sales event.

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About The Author:

Alec Drake openly shares revenue management strategies and sales improvement ideas in the "Sales Success Library" at He is a regular contributor to Radio Ink Magazine, where he leverages four decades of experience to write about sales and management. Alec is the founder of The Radio Invigoration Project (T.R.I.P.), a support initiative for local radio sales and promotion staff.

Drake Media Group, LLC retains exclusive rights to any original content in articles written by Alec Drake or published on any third-party platforms and featured in any podcast.

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