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Is Performance Without Purpose Possible?

Updated: Jan 19

Five questions you should ask before you climb to your new budget goals.

We only reach a summit or goal with a future vision, preparation, determination, and the first step towards achievement. Our defined purpose sets expectations in performance and is our go-to fuel in any endeavor. Please look at your purpose-driven decisions and the business practices they create. What are you doing and why. A robotic "we have always done it this way" has to be officially dead in this world of chaotic change.

How do we find a true purpose that is necessary for performance?

You can stop now if you think about budgets as sales goals. Budgets flawed by assumptions for the future should not be benchmarks. An individual's budget goal may be driven more by a recruiting problem on your team rather than a realistic expectation for that person.

Yes, we need budgeting as a framework for business operations and planning, do not mistake budgets for purpose in sales motivation. Budgets should remain in the background and as a tool for management in reviewing the P&L.

What drives sales performance starts with each person on your team. How well do you understand their motivations? Are they driven by internal ambitions or external circumstances? Do your coaching and training align with their personal revenue targets?

It takes honest questions and answers to reveal the suitable trek to your chosen summit. Here are five questions for your climb toward better sales performance;

  1. What roles and processes need to change in your sales department?

  2. How do you define your next significant revenue opportunity?

  3. How are you managing risk for your customers and prospects?

  4. Do you know where and how to apply changes that the team will be able to implement?

  5. Where does the team need longer-term help instead of top-down short-burst revenue initiatives?

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