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Is Your Next Radio Sales Hire ChatGPT?

Updated: Feb 3

Understanding how A.I. will impact the sales process, from prospecting efforts to customer service, will inevitably be part of the future success of radio sales.

Finding a context for tools like ChatGPT and their value to radio sales can only be accomplished by what you learn, how you adapt, and the quality of the tools you decide to use.

The Impact of A.I. on Radio Sales The purely transactional business, which is seeing A.I. technology creep into the buyer/seller interface daily, is probably in danger of being fully automated in the future. For example, a recent announcement by agency powerhouse Horizon Media touted NEON, the ChatGPT, of media planning/buying that can deliver D.T.C. retail media for clients 20% more effectively than humans. This announcement suggests that radio sellers only crunching numbers for agencies may lose relevance in this rapidly changing space if they do not rethink their roles. The good news is that local radio sales are a relationship-driven process with a strong human touch. ChatGPT and A.I., in general, are not expected to replace local sellers, although as an assistant to sales, there are benefits to consider. Time savings is the first opportunity as A.I. takes on tasks like copywriting, proposal content development, and fine-tuning sales communications. Are You A Seller Who Writes Radio Copy? With all the buzz about ChatGPT, I decided to take a copywriting test drive so we could all see the results. I asked ChatGPT to write a:30 second radio ad for a new Italian restaurant with the best pizza in town, making you feel like you were on vacation. It took less than ten seconds to write the copy based on my request, and while a few edits may be needed, the heavy lifting was done.

The 30-Second ChatGPT Copy Test "Are you tired of boring, bland pizza? Look no further than [Italian Restaurant Name]! Our pizzas are made with only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, just like you would find in Italy. From our classic Margherita to our unique specialty pies, our pizzas are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. And our cozy, inviting atmosphere will transport you straight to the streets of Europe. So come on and experience the best pizza at [Italian Restaurant Name]!" (100% of copy written by ChatGPT) Is this copy worth an award? Although this copy might be similar to what I hear on some radio stations in the market, it's not award-worthy yet. If I were a radio seller writing copy, I would start a transition to more selling time and leave the basic copywriting tasks to my new A.I. assistant.

What Does ChatGPT Think About Getting a Job in Radio Sales?

While I had my ChatGPT on the screen, I asked a question. What are the best attributes of a job selling local radio advertising, and why should I apply for a job in this field?

Here is the A.I.s unedited reply that turned out to be the foundation for a recruitment ad for sales managers; just a suggestion.

Some of the best attributes of a job selling local radio advertising include the ability to build relationships with local businesses, the opportunity to be creative in crafting advertising campaigns, and the potential for a high earning potential. Additionally, a career in radio advertising sales can offer the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and dynamic industry and to be at the forefront of new media trends. If you have excellent communication skills, the ability to think creatively, and the drive to succeed, then a career in local radio advertising sales may be a great fit for you. It can also be a great opportunity if you are passionate about local business and community. (100% of copy written by ChatGPT)

We may have more questions than answers, yet it's becoming clear that ChatGPT and other A.I. tools will be more involved in our work. The sooner we understand how and where to apply these tools, the more effective, productive, and successful we can be in the local selling of radio and advertising.

Since I did not write the ChatGPT copy, please feel free to use the content if beneficial, the A.I. platform will never know, not yet anyway.

Thank you for reading this article, and please pass it along to your colleagues.

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Alec Drake openly shares revenue management strategies and sales improvement ideas in the "Sales Success Library" at He is a regular contributor to Radio Ink Magazine, where he leverages four decades of experience to write about sales and management. Alec is the founder of The Radio Invigoration Project (T.R.I.P.), a support initiative for local radio sales and promotion staff.

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