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Image by Federico Beccari

T.R.I.P. - The Radio Invigoration Project

January 17th, 2023

By definition, to invigorate is to fill with energy, vitality, and refreshment. The Goal of T.R.I.P. is to promote future success in Radio sales by uniting individuals in a common pursuit with a shared vision.

Launching T.R.I.P. expands my core mission of giving back which started in September 2021 with The Sales Success Library on T.R.I.P., as a focal point, opens up beneficial content distribution options like The Group T.R.I.P on LinkedIn, our new community public square.

By providing platforms to share sales success stories, self-improvement topics, inspirational messaging, and curated content T.R.I.P. can offer targeted support for local radio sellers. There is revenue potential and opportunity for growth inside every local radio station.

T.R.I.P.: About
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