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Yield Management Strategies

Broadcast Yield Management was formally introduced by Jim Tiller and Shane Fox in the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) book published in 1992. Thirty years later, who is driving the sales conversation on price today? How do demand and purchase patterns provide pricing opportunities to deliver better revenues?

The balance between price and value remains a critical test in customer engagement and revenue success. In 2022 there remains a vital need to manage yield on OTA inventory that currently represents 50% to 85% of total revenues. Every radio and television owner needs a process, a sales plan, and a support system to optimize revenues in this highly competitive market for audio platforms.   

Our Yield Management articles in the "Sales Success Library" offer proven strategies and ideas you can take now to improve revenues. Awareness is the first step to progress; the action step requires help from an experienced partner in revenue development using yield management practices.

Our "yield management audit" can identify areas for improvement in revenue growth, training gaps, and strategic steps to implement a successful yield management program. 

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