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I share selling and management insights to help anyone improve their skills and understanding of success in sales. Curiosity may lead you to read my articles, but your tenacity and ability to adapt fuels the journey to your goals.

The Podcast Shelf
Guest Appearances On Podcasts


  • Guest on The Radio Biz Podcast - 6/2023 - LISTEN

    Don Bedell, CRSM/CRMC, thanks again for the invite to be part of season two of The Radio Biz podcast. The experience was a pleasure, and I wish you continued success with upcoming episodes of this program. We share because we care; your support is valuable in that effort.

  • Format Competition - 10/2022 - LISTEN

    Jeff Caves of the Barrett Sports Media Podcast Network invited me back for another episode of "Seller 2 Seller".

    As the former DOS of The Ticket, I discuss the sales challenges of a new format competitor entering the market and strategies to protect your revenues. What do you do if you are number one in the format, and what if you are second? What is the new station up against when there are two sports/guy talk formats on the air? These questions are packed into twenty minutes of robust conversation. 

  • A Race To Revenues - 9/2022 -LISTEN

    Radio sales experts driving revenues for network and local sales strategies tied to NASCAR broadcasts. 

    Bob Quick, Senior Manager, Radio Partnerships at Motor Racing Network, co-hosts with Loyd Ford of RPC. 

    Special Guests: Ed Knight, a 53-year affiliate of MRN on WECO-FM 101.3 in Wartburg, TN, brings his insights as a top revenue affiliate of NASCAR racing coverage. Alec Drake shares his experience working with Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas Ft. Worth. 

  • Revenue Management Strategy 7/2022 - LISTEN

    Jeff Caves host of The BSM Podcast Network invited me as their first guest on the series "Seller to Seller". Anyone managing sales conversations about rate increases and long-term agreements will find this helpful. Yield Management tips and best practices.

The 2022 Encourager's Sales Events
A Four Part Series Co-hosted with Loyd Ford of RPC


  • "Selling on Main Street" 9/2022 - PODCAST

    A podcast for the salesperson in all of us. Lessons for Q4 and 2023 planning abound in this special salute to selling on Main St. in the trenches and building relationships with business owners and key decision-makers. 

    Insights from Senior Marketing Executives Carlene Swensson , Cumulus Media Dallas, and Jim Faires Audacy in Greensboro, N.C.

    Front-line experts share how they adapted and remained successful in a complex sales environment, their strategies to retain customers, how they continue to expand solutions, and their revenue growth plans for 2023

  • Show Me The Money 7/2022 - PODCAST!

    Two tremendous leaders in radio, Becky Domyan, SVP/ Market Manager at Audacy in St. Louis, and Donna Baker Regional VP for Cumulus in Kansas City. Hear how they successfully drive vibrant media organizations to peak performance in highly competitive environments.

    Topics: Managing Teams Through Change · Local Business Growth Strategies and Political Dollars · Recruitment Tips.

  • How To Get Higher $ In A Crowded Market! 4/2022 - PODCAST

    Top executives David Doetsch and Brian Maloney share how to move your sales higher and conduct a reset of your sales strategies.

    Podcast Topics: Leverage 7 Demand Factors - Get More Than Your Share of Political Dollars - Fill your Summer Months With NTR - Build a Stronger Local Business Base to Counter Rating Swings -Activate the 5 C's of Sales

  • The 2022 Sales Lift Off 1/2022 - PODCAST

    This first episode in the quarterly sales series offered actionable ideas and strategies to move your sales needle in radio and television.  

    Chuck Wood - VP/GM of Delta Media Corp., a multi-media media company comprised of seven television and nine radio stations in Broussard, Louisiana --> Scott Howard - General Sales Manager at WOWO Radio/Federated Media, Ft. Wayne, Indiana.